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One Sweet Day…

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Hey everyone! Just got home for a super long day at work and am so glad the work week is finally over! AND the best news… I have found myself a new style icon and fashion inspiration. Okay so maybe she’s not an icon per say, but to me she’s reached that status and then some!

I of course got on the net to browse some blogs to get my daily dose of style and fashion. I stumbled upon this truly fabulous persons blog! I believe her name is Diane ( correct me if I am wrong please!) her blog is called One Sweet Day. I have to say after browsing through her blog I was not only intrigued by her incredible style, but her tiny figure and seemingly silly carefree attitude. I highly suggest you check her out because she truly has a knack for looking effortlessly chic!

What’s crazier is she’s linked to me and yet I’ve not heard of her… can’t wait to see more from her and I will definitely be linking her back!


Written by Jillian

May 9, 2008 at 5:02 pm

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