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Ed Hardy Charity Fashion Show

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So last evening I went to my very first fashion show which was held at Club W in downtown Buffalo. I’ll be honest, though, it was nothing special, but hey it was for charity! I really love supporting charities when I can, which is not often, but I always make an honest attempt. The proceeds went to The Steadfast Foundation. The foundation was founded by Buffalo Sabers’ Goalie Ryan Miller I believe, and is dedicated to assisting children with childhood diseases, mainly leukemia and cancer.

So the company I am now working for designed a website for the PR group that was putting the Ed Hardy show together. It was great to see something fashionable, even if it’s only Ed Hardy, happening in Buffalo, NY. They handed out all sorts of free stuff too, I got a lanyard, perfume (which I have to say smells great) and all kinds of coupons and discounts on Ed Hardy clothes.

I will also be the first to admit, when it comes to fashion and models, I am super critical. And for models these girls were not the ‘fittest’ to say the least. There were two girls, though, that rocked the show. This one girl had a super amazing blond faux-hawk and the other girl was super tall, super skinny and majorly beautiful. The skinny girl’s walk was also not so bad, she was by FAR my favorite girl!

I’m actually kinda mad that I never took a photo of my outfit, however the PR company’s photographer took a pic of me so there’s one or two circulating around here somewhere!

I’m not really a fan of Ed Hardy can’t stand the blatant label whoring. If you are an Ed Hardy fan or you’re curious, you can check out more photos of the fashion show here.


Written by Jillian

May 9, 2008 at 1:27 am